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The Ultimate Guide To Your Family's Georgia Coast Photo Session

Updated: Jun 11, 2019


So, you’ve successfully gotten your whole family together for a nice vacation on the Georgia coast, on beautiful St.Simons island. Every day you're in awe of the stunning oceanside and try to take pictures on your cell-phone, but getting the little ones to cooperate and being in the image yourself is next to impossible without an extra helping hand.

That's why having a professional photographer makes all the difference. When you book a photo session, you make getting that "perfect family photo" hassle-free and a thousand times funner for everyone! Your session is sure to fly by, and by the end of it, you'll have beautiful outdoor portraits to cherish with your loved ones for years to come!

Once you book your session with me, here are some ways you can prepare for your oceanside portrait session to make sure you get the most from your experience!

Choose your DREAM Location

Is there a spot you’ve been coming to your whole life? Love the way the salty marshes or Driftwood Beach look ? Want the iconic St.Simons Island lighthouse in the background? Maybe you want to bring a furry friend along to East Beach? There are so many gorgeous backdrops in the area your bound to find something dreamy.

Can’t make up your mind? I know this area like the back of my hand and can help you choose the perfect spot for your family’s session.

Plan your Perfect Outfits

We’re by the beach! Make sure you wear something comfortable and light. I find that the portraits look more cohesive when everyone wears similar color tones; think off-whites, creams, light blues and pinks.

Ultimately we want you to look like yourselves so feel free to express individual styles through accessories or hair and make-up. If there are special props you want to include that may capture your family’s vacation vibes, go for it!

Need help narrowing down your choices? Let's chat! I'd be my pleasure to help guide you through your final wardrobe selection!

Prepping the Little Ones

Hey, we’ve all been there, you’re trying to get the perfect shots but the babies won’t look the right way, someone’s crying, the teen refuses to smile! Don’t fret, I come prepared with patience, but here is some pre-shoot advice.

Try to get your little ones excited about the shoot, talk about it all week and make it seem like a big event or playtime. Describe the activities in an enthusiastic way, if they see you are excited they will most likely want to join in on the fun too!

Bring snacks, comfort items, and, of course, and extra set of clothes—just in case. Don't be afraid to throw in an ice cream bribe if it means the difference between a pouty and a smiley picture.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that this should be a fun and playful experience. We'll troubleshoot every toddler and teen emergency together—so don't stress over it too much!

Plan the shots you really want to get

It’s hard to get your family all together for pictures, so let’s take full advantage of this shoot! Think of who you want in pictures together. Do you really want an all kids portrait? Maybe you have five generations of women with you? Why not snap them all together! Let’s do dads and their boys!

Picture your perfect shot, one you’ll want on your mantle for years to come. So let's capture your family's unique bond and personality together!

Just bring your beautiful family and your best smiles and ill be sure to capture this beautiful moment on the Georgia coast!

Ready to book a session? Let's hop on a call and talk about your perfect family session!

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